Hello world!

I created this tiny blog in order to leave comments on other bloggers sites who happen to use wordpress.com to host their blog.

If you’ve come here trying to figure out who “dragonden” is that left a comment on your site, well I’m Tricia from Tricia’s Musings.

You may have visited Tricia’s Musings or perhaps one of my other blogs in the past. I’m also the creator of:

And if those sites weren’t enough to keep me busy I also have two rather large websites to maintain as well.

Tricia’s Chinese water dragon, reptile and amphibian care has been in existence since 1995 and has had more than 1 million visitors. I started Reptile Logic back in November of 2005 and I expect that that site will soon be as popular as Tricia’s water dragon has been. These two websites have 4 mailing lists associated with them that I run and maintain, and I’m also a moderator at Herp Center.

I work full time as an Emergency nurse in the beautiful city of Toronto Ontario and I love my job. I suffer from Crohns disease though so that has kept me from active work for the last 8 months. 😦

In my spare time I garden and I also enjoy taking photos- often of the lovely flowers in my garden. Hence the gardening and photography blogs.

As you might have guessed I really don’t sleep much, and that’s probably the only reason why I’m able to maintain all of my websites. 🙂

I hope to see you around on one of my blogs or websites sometime. 🙂